The Start

I’ve been on this “path” for a long time now, pretty much all my life. I guess it’s the same for each of us; we’re all on the path to the same place just taking different routes. Maybe it’s just a matter of becoming aware of that. Anyway, in January I was backed into a corner and had to “quit” my six-figure income job, which came a few years after my third divorce, losing a few hundred thousand dollars in the stock market, the forced sale of my house (at a time when the price was near bottom) so as to pay off the most recent ex. and a few other notable events. There was a little planning involved. Have you read any Joseph Campell? Someone came to me; at least I finally noticed that someone was calling to me, waving me into the woods. Once I saw her signalling, I took Mr. Campbell’s advice, disentangled myself as gently and quickly as I could, which came to mean not being totally honest with everybody. It also mean’t financial bankruptcy and some other painful (at the time) things. I’m thinking of that George Clooney movie now, “Up in the Air”, where he tells the terminated employess that this represents a real opportunity in their life. He was right.

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