Left Foot First

the way I was taught, the way I was conditioned.  It all starts with an essence and then this stuff gets wrapped around it, layered upon it.

I’ve had a good life, so far, no tragedies and only one regret; that being I wish I would have stopped at the farmer’s stand along the road near the almond grove on my last drive back from California to Colorado.  That thought stays with me.

When I left this life last January, I took up a home in Mexico about a 100 yard walk up a cobblestone street from the beach and the sea.  I’d get up, most mornings, between 4:30 and 5:30 (time changed), have my coffee on the front patio and chat with the agoutis and wild cats until I was stretched enough and awake enough to head down to the sand for my yoga, my run, or my meditation.  When I arrived there, I weighed in at about 210lbs but with the benefit of a simple life, I walked out weighing about 170lbs four months later.  That was a good feeling but not the real story which I’ll tell you later.

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