To Be

So they'd know who they found.

Is there a goal, a purpose, a reason?  I suppose, for me,  it’s to be happy or content, not stupid happy but aware happy or maybe just aware and then “be” whatever that brings.  I agree with James Perry and Joseph Campbell and many others, I’m not here for you, or for them, or for “Him”; this isn’t an obligation.  We do all end up at the same dusty spot and if there is an understanding that has to do with “No Self” or the death of the ego, then we do all see the same thing at the end of this experience.  Duality.  Non-Duality.  Do I want to know my true self and does that mean killing my human self?  There’s much that has to do with this human experience that I value, attach to, and appreciate even without anticipating any suffering or “negative” at the loss of it.

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